Monday, December 13, 2010

banyak tanya betul!

tag from fateen~
instruction : once you are tagged, answer all the questions honestly..tQ

starting time : 21:39

name : mira
full name : nur amira bt mohamad yusoff
sibling (s) : 6

eye color : black + chocoloate
shoe size : 4/5
hair : private
height : secret.sensitive issue..huu.
what are u wearing now: t shirt
where do u live 2: kkb
feveret no : 2

faveret drink : air kosong and ice blended vanilla~
feveret month : 1
feveret brekfast : roti bakar with honey

have u ever..

broken a bone : nope

been in police car : nope
fallen for a guy/girl in short time : nope

swam in an ocean : sangat jarang..
fallen asleep in school : always
broken some1's heart : ntah...never kot..
cried when sum1 died : yup...
sat by the phone all night waiting for some1 to call : of course..
saved email : yup.

been cheated on : always..juz for fun..not serious..


your room look like : pink + blue..tmpt paling bez nak lepak.

what is right beside u : my mobile phone

what is the last thing you ate : biscuit..

ever had..

chicken pox : x ingat.
sore throat : alwayz!hate it~

do you...

believe in love at first sight :yez
like picnic : love picnic too much!


did u last yell at : no one..
who was the last person u danced with : no one
who last made u smile : entah..everyone around me..

final question..

what are u listening to rite now : nothing
what did u do today : makan. tido. tengok tv. masak sayur. online

are u the oldest : 2nd
indoor / outdoor : outdoor ok!

last person who

you talked to on the phone : my mom.

make u cried : rahsia..hee.
you went to the mall with : frenz~
who cheered u up : family, frenz n someone far~

have u

been to the mexico : nope
been to USA : nope


what book are u reading now : nothing
best feeling in the world : when people care about you :)

future kids name : x boleh fikir dalam mase sekejap nie..huu.
do yo sleep with a stuffed animal : my teddy bear~

what's under ur bed : laptop charger
feveret sport (s) : skuash maybe..
feveret place : my bedroom!
who do u really hate : dunno..
do u have a job : nope..still study

what time is it now : 22:09 wow..agak lame~

note :

with however long it took you to complete this, post as " banyak tanya betul!" and tag 15
x tau nak tag rase nak buat n habiskan masa, silalah.. :))

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