Saturday, August 27, 2011

eid :')

sesungguhnya, mak memang sangat memahamii... :') thanx mak sebab dah upah orang untuk bersihkan tingkap dekat rumah! hehe.. baru je semangat nak basuh tingkap enn.. :p haha.

btw, hari nie da penat gila kemas rumahh.. aku volunteer nak mop, sebab aku rasa cambez kalau mop. dapat main2 dengan air.. sekalii..
ada 3 ruang tamu.. setiap satu bahagian aku mop dua kali. 3x2=6
mula mula guna pencuci lantai dettol.. tapi aku macam x puas hati sebab lantai tak licin sgt guna dettol, nak licin sampai boleh sliding2 kat lantai tu :p so suruh mak beli ajax fabuloso time tu jugak..
maka, lagi sekali aku mop guna ajax, 3x2=6

total semua 6+6=12.. penat tahu? hm.. pandai aku mengiraa.. x guna kalkulator punn..

err.. dikesempatan nie saya nak ucapkan selamat hari raya maaf zahir dan batin :) esok dah x boleh on9 dah.. balik kampung.. hee. take care korang semua~ ^^

Thursday, August 25, 2011

home made cookies :)

for this becoming raya, mom asked me to make some cookies with my bestie husna :) since i'm on my holiday right now and instead of wasting time lying at the bed, im just agreed with mom suggestion to make cookies with husna. its my first time making cookies by myself because before this, i'll do it with mom and this time with my friend, seriously the feeling is totally difference. excited! :D

we started our project by choosing the recipe first. we searched for almond london and we chose the recipe with the most comments.. hehe. surely the recipe is very successful right because everybody who made the cookies follow the recipe said it was very tasty! so we bookmark the recipe. i think the recipe is a bit difference because we have to put nestum to the dough.. and i do love nestum very much! <3 yummy~ :D

then, on last friday, husna came to my house and we started making the dough.. the best thing was, we not made it at the kitchen, but at the living room in front of tv! haha. it was husna idea. she said it was boring if we do at the kitchen, i thought she just playing around to make the dough in front of tv, *husna mengada ngada :p so, to fullfill her wished i set up all the things there. the machine, blender, all the flour, egg, bla2.. all at the living room and with my laptop besides me. crazy right.. haha. don't ever try to do this with ur mom or else u'll have to hear them babble for about half an hour. :p

only from the smell of the dough we knew it was like aaaa~ sedap gilerr. we baked the cookies at husna house because my oven was not functioning well at that time. so here are some pictures that we took during that day. i think we laughed all the time during making the cookies. it was such a funny and beautiful moments for both of us. :)

finally..tadaa! :)

guess what, after berbuka, all my family were so excited to taste my cookies, andd... my brother said '10/10!' happy giler.. terharu tahu :') hee.. and the next day, we made biskut nestum :)

actually the recipe said to add raisin, but we replaced it with chocolate chip :D

sekarang biskut aku dah nak habis kena makan.. belum raya lagi niee.. ada sesape nak tolong buat kan lagi ? hehe.. :p

Monday, August 22, 2011

why are girls so sensitive?

  • idk.. they just are..
  • they're weird like that
  • they can't control themselves.its not their fault
  • no one knows!!!
  • all of the above.

so.. which one is ur choice? :) girls are always like that right.. me too don't have the answer why sometimes we become too sensitive and emotional so easily even over a small thing..
maybe it is the nature of girls for being like that.

:: oh,the choices of the answers above, i just copy and paste it from the website that i got from google ok.. :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

super duper maid!

Assalamualaikum :)

hype hype! ^^ people said, be in a good mood in the morning, because it will affect ur whole day.. so im trying to be happy this morning though my mood has spoiled ever since i wake up at 7.30 a.m just now.. urgghh.. be calm mira.. my house is at mess, who else will clean it.. everybody busy with their own work.. trial,PMR,SPM, extc... they said, "i,ve trial right after raya, i want to read my book.." heyyy.. it takes only half an hour lah.. please lah help ur sister... sometimes i feel tired too T.T
everyday i'm doing the same work again and again..

all the laundry at the house i have to settle it by my own, take their clothes from their bedroom, put into the washing machine, hang the clothes, fold the clothes, then put it back to their room.the exact word is i'm bibik at the house now. not including the kitchen yet, everyday i have to wash the dishes, and sweeping all over the house. err.. am i complaining right now?hehe. u r a hardworking girl mira.. so do not moaning ok. :p hehe. hmm.. someone told me, since u r on ur holiday use it to help ur family, make them happy, help ur parents. and im try my best for it now...

now, i know even u r not working, i mean housewives, they have a lot of works to do too at home and its really tiring probably more tiring than those who go to work. so, never look down at them, they are the people who responsible to make our life more well organized. ^^

if i wear this outfit, comel jugak en.. hehe. (~_^)\/

Monday, August 15, 2011

welcome second year!

i'm done with my course registration just now. so, next semester i am officially a second year engineering student.. whoaa.. i never expected that i am successfully survive my first year. it was very tough though. but Alhamdullilah everything is okay :)

every time when im going to the new semester i will feel very worry about what is going to happen, can i manage to go trough the whole semester like before.. because every time we go to the higher level everything becomes more tougher than before. and of course the most thing that im worry about is my new subject. someone told me before, that second year is actually the REAL beginning of an engineering student. :O scary right... when i think about computer programming, electromagnetic which needed a very high imagination, and control system.. i feel like.. Aaaa~ what im gonna do with all these subjects... huu.. somehow i feel very grateful because there is no more circuit analysis after this. Wee~ and im done with calculus which i took during my 1st month of holiday. its worth eventhough i have to sacrifice 1 month of holiday..

another thing that always on my mind right now is my new rental house for next semester. haiyoo.. i don't even know the owner, my new housemates, are they ok or not, and the location, i just settle all these things trough internet and phone. i hope everything gonna be okay. luckily i still have fatin and uani with me.

and oh, im gonna have more friends too for next semester because my class will receive new students from diploma. :)

so, be strong mira! if others can do, why not u right.. (^_^) aja!

p/s: im gonna be a senior next sem.hehe.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

malaysians love you

boleh tak? boleh tak kalau aku nak lepaskan sedih aku kat sini... x ada orang baca pun kann.. aku sedih sebab lee chong wei kalah semalam. serius sedih gila.. tak tipu.. maybe orang akan cakap, ala... dia ni... nak over pulak. bukan dia yang main.. mungkin la orang akan cakap macam tu.

tapi seriously sedih, pagi tadi bangun tido je terus teringat match semalam. teringat muka chong wei yang semangat gila... he was so closed to win yesterday.. dua kali game point. tapi still tak dapat jugak. aku serius x boleh tengok muka kecewa dia. muka sedih dia. muka menangis dia.
eventhough dia kalah, tapi chong wei tetap yang terbaik.. dia tak show off langsung macam Lin Dan, sebab tu la sesiapa yang tengok match semalam sure akan rasa terkilan bila dia tak menang.
xpe.. apa apa pun sayang chong wei! cewahhh.. :D kalah pun kalah bermaruah kannn... Lin Dan pun menang tipis je, nasib je tu dia menang. so tak kesah la.. Lee Chong Wei tetap paling hebat!

these are some supports for chong wei that i got from twitter... i really love to read it. Chong wei is so lucky to have such a great fan :)

  • may lost today, but he's still a hero that wins all the Malaysians' hearts.
  • , the man who play with his heart, for his beloved country. we always support you.
  • Well,i really love when tried to hide his happiness when he get scored. So humble.
haish, semangat pulak aku en.. hehe..

Friday, August 5, 2011

the sweetest things :)

suddenly aku teringat zaman aku comel comel dulu...tapi sekarang pun comel gak oh.. :p time tu berat masih lagi 17 kg.. ringan giler kan aku... :) best betul dulu... waktu zaman kecik kecik dulu biasalah kan perangai memang macam budak kecik sikit. okay.. dah nama pun budak kecik -_-'
aku seorang budak kecik yang sangat tinggi imaginasi. aku rasa la.. sebab time kecik dulu macam macam benda pelik aku buat.. betul. jom tengok perangai aku time kecik comel dulu.. ^^

benda pelik 1:
dulu time puasa, bila aku dapat tau pasal malam lailatul qadar di mana semua yang kita inginkan IA diperkenankan olehNya, tapi time tu aku xde la terfikir mendalam sangat, just aku tau, kalau apa apa yang aku mintak mesti aku dapat. maka aku semangat gila. padahal xtau pun bila. tapi sejak dengar ustazah cerita macam tu, aku tiap malam berharap ada anak itik warna kuning penuh kat halaman rumah aku.. apa punya permintaan laaa... memang aku berharap sangat2 nak anak itik kuning tu .. xtau kenapa. maybe comel kot bila anak itik tu berlari lari kat kawasan rumah -_-'

benda pelik 2:
dulu bila aku tengok cerita kartun yang ada salji2, aku teringin sangat sangat nak masuk dalam tv tu.. nak rasa salji tu jugakk... tapi mana boleh kann.. sedih betul.. maka aku yang sangat cerdik time tu, pergila buat salji sendiri. nak tau macam mana? time tu ada kenduri, time kecik2 dulu selalu menangis2 kat mak suruh amekkan bunga manggar.. korang tau kan bunga manggar macam mana.. yang cucuk kat betik tu.. lepas tu bila dah sampai rumah, aku pun amek bunga manggar tu, masuk dalam kereta sorang2, and cabut satu2 bunga manggar tu.. macam koyakkan la. lepastu taburkan kat dalam kereta... bajet jadi salji laaa... err.. kesian kan aku.. T.T sampai macam tu sekali nak rasa salji. last2 kena marah dengan mak and abah sebab sepahkan kereta. :( tah ape ape betul salji buatan aku. dah la warna warni, bukannya warna putih -_-'

benda pelik 3:
dulu time kecik2 aku nie hyperaktif sikit.. ada je benda nak main.. kecuali kalau demam. terus diam and menangis je tauu. mengada ngada.. dulu, kalau hujan, aku suka gila.. sebab ape? sebab time tu la masa aku nak main. 1 hari tu hujan lebat, lepastu aku keluar main dekat kaki lima sorang2.. bila dah hujan, konfem la kaki lima yang diperbuat dari simen tu basah en.. time tu la aku syok main sliding2.. dengan selipar.. ala ala main skateboard... best oh.. bile lantai licin main sliding2 nie.. tapi time tu tengah syok aku sliding, sekali aku jatuh terlentang ke belakang. omg.. sakit gila tahu.. huu.. time tu dah r aku sorang, bila dah jatuh terlentang, nak menjerit pun x boleh, sebab macam sesak nafas. terlentang r aku sorang2 dekat luar tu. lama jugak la, dalam berapa minit tah. time terlentang tu, benda yang aku buat ialah baca ABC sampai habis dalam hati. sebab aku cuak giler aku hilang ingatan. haha. tah apa2 en aku.. pastu xlama pastu baru aku boleh menjerit. baru mak and abah perasan.. nasib baikk.. :)

benda pelik 4:
siapa x suka kan kalau bau benda wangi.. aku suka giler... dulu aku suka sangat bau serbuk pencuci baju tu.. pergi luar je kat mesin basuh, aku pergi bau benda tu.. wangi kot.. tapi 1 hari tu maybe sebab aku terbau semangat sangat kot time tu, sampai aku tersedut serbuk pencuci tu dalam hidung aku.. omg.omg.. dasat gila time tu.. aku rasa pedih gila kat hidung aku.. kalau korang nak rasa macam mana. cubalah try.. tarik nafas dalam2 time bau serbuk tu sampai tersedut. :p and korang akan rasa apa yang aku rasa. nak terangkan susah.. hehe.

okay.. banyak pulak aku merepek kann :o my childhood life is the best. we can just do anything we want to do, nothing to be worried about.. im just miss that moment so much.. :')