Wednesday, April 27, 2011



between hate and love.. can u guess which one of these two feelings, i have for the number.. 25333? am i love it or hate it??

oh.. im totally hate this number.. why?? because each day i'll received a message from 25333..each day okay.. and like today, very early in the morning, when the sun has not yet shows its ray, i got a message and its sound like this..

'Tahniah! anda membuat 10 panggilan semalam & mengumpul 200 koinz. Jumlah sekarang : 769 koinz. Terus buat panggilan untuk dapat lebih banyak koinz & kekalkan infeksi kolony!'

wth... is it necessary..? perlu ke..?
btw, too many phone called i made yesterday right... hee.. all because of my sister.. i bought her a handbag yesterday.. then, i have to call her too many times so that she satisfied with the bag.. not including all the mms picture of the bag yet.. haih.. and not to forget, i called pakcik taxi so many times too.. -__-'

back to the story.. when i receive a message from 25333, it will makes me dissapointed.. why? because when my phone ringing, im too excited to read the message.. hoping that it is from someone or anyone.. but then, its only from 25333.. urghh... u pissed me off 'baby'..

emm.. :) but still i will not mistaken this message with my special one msg, because i've made a special ringtone if it is a message from him. ;p hoho..
if i not make it like that, surely i'll be more dissapointed right.. what a good idea.. ;p ^^

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