Wednesday, May 25, 2011


huuu.. :(

i just realize, em actually not now, i've realized it before, that me. myself is so low self confidence.. what makes me realize it more, is when i read this one girl blog.. than i keep compare myself with her.. i think i adore her so much.. she is just a simple girl.yet, she is so cutee... she likes kawaii stuff and pink stuff..err..maybe because she is 7 years younger than me, that she cant act like that, but not for me who is already 20.. but still.. she is just so adorable.. seriously...

its not that u r not good enough mira.. u should proud with urself.. say what u want to say.. wear what u want to wear.. do whatever u think right.. ohhh.. seriously i like those cute stuff.. i want to make all things look so cute.. but i just cant.. i keep thinking about what others will think about me when i do those kind of things.. like..

'ala budak nie..dah besar.. tapi bajet macam budak2'
'ee.. bajet nak cute ape..'
'poyo nyee.. gediknyee..'

aaaa~~ and now i decided to do whatever i want to do.. just ignore others.. hahaha.. ^^
i know this entry is like tah apeape.. tiba2 je budak nie.. again.. just ignore it~ i'll write whatever i want to write.. :p

errr..plz ignore the grammar.. its not like im doing essay for muet rite.. so forget about the grammar.. hahaha.

i just feel this kind of feeling suddenly, and i really want to express it.. and,nah... this is it..haha.

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