Thursday, August 25, 2011

home made cookies :)

for this becoming raya, mom asked me to make some cookies with my bestie husna :) since i'm on my holiday right now and instead of wasting time lying at the bed, im just agreed with mom suggestion to make cookies with husna. its my first time making cookies by myself because before this, i'll do it with mom and this time with my friend, seriously the feeling is totally difference. excited! :D

we started our project by choosing the recipe first. we searched for almond london and we chose the recipe with the most comments.. hehe. surely the recipe is very successful right because everybody who made the cookies follow the recipe said it was very tasty! so we bookmark the recipe. i think the recipe is a bit difference because we have to put nestum to the dough.. and i do love nestum very much! <3 yummy~ :D

then, on last friday, husna came to my house and we started making the dough.. the best thing was, we not made it at the kitchen, but at the living room in front of tv! haha. it was husna idea. she said it was boring if we do at the kitchen, i thought she just playing around to make the dough in front of tv, *husna mengada ngada :p so, to fullfill her wished i set up all the things there. the machine, blender, all the flour, egg, bla2.. all at the living room and with my laptop besides me. crazy right.. haha. don't ever try to do this with ur mom or else u'll have to hear them babble for about half an hour. :p

only from the smell of the dough we knew it was like aaaa~ sedap gilerr. we baked the cookies at husna house because my oven was not functioning well at that time. so here are some pictures that we took during that day. i think we laughed all the time during making the cookies. it was such a funny and beautiful moments for both of us. :)

finally..tadaa! :)

guess what, after berbuka, all my family were so excited to taste my cookies, andd... my brother said '10/10!' happy giler.. terharu tahu :') hee.. and the next day, we made biskut nestum :)

actually the recipe said to add raisin, but we replaced it with chocolate chip :D

sekarang biskut aku dah nak habis kena makan.. belum raya lagi niee.. ada sesape nak tolong buat kan lagi ? hehe.. :p


  1. wahh!!! bestnye...jgn lupe bawa p shah alam ye. heee #^^,

  2. AHAHAHA buat dekat living room mmg kerje gilaaa