Saturday, August 20, 2011

super duper maid!

Assalamualaikum :)

hype hype! ^^ people said, be in a good mood in the morning, because it will affect ur whole day.. so im trying to be happy this morning though my mood has spoiled ever since i wake up at 7.30 a.m just now.. urgghh.. be calm mira.. my house is at mess, who else will clean it.. everybody busy with their own work.. trial,PMR,SPM, extc... they said, "i,ve trial right after raya, i want to read my book.." heyyy.. it takes only half an hour lah.. please lah help ur sister... sometimes i feel tired too T.T
everyday i'm doing the same work again and again..

all the laundry at the house i have to settle it by my own, take their clothes from their bedroom, put into the washing machine, hang the clothes, fold the clothes, then put it back to their room.the exact word is i'm bibik at the house now. not including the kitchen yet, everyday i have to wash the dishes, and sweeping all over the house. err.. am i complaining right now?hehe. u r a hardworking girl mira.. so do not moaning ok. :p hehe. hmm.. someone told me, since u r on ur holiday use it to help ur family, make them happy, help ur parents. and im try my best for it now...

now, i know even u r not working, i mean housewives, they have a lot of works to do too at home and its really tiring probably more tiring than those who go to work. so, never look down at them, they are the people who responsible to make our life more well organized. ^^

if i wear this outfit, comel jugak en.. hehe. (~_^)\/


  1. You just like me. Everything kene buadddd but sometimes best plak sebab parent akan happy tgok rumah dah kemas. Haha :) nk hire awk jadi maid kitee boleh? Hehe

  2. mama-boleh sangat...lagi bertambah kemas nanti rumah tu.. :p haha.