Monday, August 15, 2011

welcome second year!

i'm done with my course registration just now. so, next semester i am officially a second year engineering student.. whoaa.. i never expected that i am successfully survive my first year. it was very tough though. but Alhamdullilah everything is okay :)

every time when im going to the new semester i will feel very worry about what is going to happen, can i manage to go trough the whole semester like before.. because every time we go to the higher level everything becomes more tougher than before. and of course the most thing that im worry about is my new subject. someone told me before, that second year is actually the REAL beginning of an engineering student. :O scary right... when i think about computer programming, electromagnetic which needed a very high imagination, and control system.. i feel like.. Aaaa~ what im gonna do with all these subjects... huu.. somehow i feel very grateful because there is no more circuit analysis after this. Wee~ and im done with calculus which i took during my 1st month of holiday. its worth eventhough i have to sacrifice 1 month of holiday..

another thing that always on my mind right now is my new rental house for next semester. haiyoo.. i don't even know the owner, my new housemates, are they ok or not, and the location, i just settle all these things trough internet and phone. i hope everything gonna be okay. luckily i still have fatin and uani with me.

and oh, im gonna have more friends too for next semester because my class will receive new students from diploma. :)

so, be strong mira! if others can do, why not u right.. (^_^) aja!

p/s: im gonna be a senior next sem.hehe.