Monday, August 22, 2011

why are girls so sensitive?

  • idk.. they just are..
  • they're weird like that
  • they can't control themselves.its not their fault
  • no one knows!!!
  • all of the above.

so.. which one is ur choice? :) girls are always like that right.. me too don't have the answer why sometimes we become too sensitive and emotional so easily even over a small thing..
maybe it is the nature of girls for being like that.

:: oh,the choices of the answers above, i just copy and paste it from the website that i got from google ok.. :)


  1. hehe. ya, girls always being sensitive, but their sensitive is quickly subsided. Meanwhile, for boys, they sometimes get sensitive, but it takes a long time for them to be cool down. That's the fact!!! ^^, So, be careful... huuu

  2. alololo miraaaa...jgn la sensitip sgtttt

  3. perempuan sensitif sbb kita mmg dilahirkan manja sangat! hihi. lagipun bila hormon bertukar, lagi sensitif jadinya ;)

  4. fatin-aah kot..huu.
    husna-ee..biarlaa.. :p
    asfira-tau xpee..manja sangat perempuan nie..hehe.